Unlocking Youth Expression: A Journey Through the 100cameras Innovative Curriculum

A boy sitting in a wheelchair at a market, holding a digital camera and taking a photo of a woman selling fresh green vegetables

Research shows that it is important for children and youth to have opportunities to process experiences, feel acknowledgement, and express their evolving understanding of themselves and the world.

Built on the premise of a world where youth actively shape their narratives, the organization 100cameras has developed a model to support students and local education partners in meeting this need. Initially taking a journalistic approach, the curriculum aimed to equip youth with photography tools to document life from an insider’s perspective, deviating from the more prevalent practice of external observation. The early programs revealed the potency of photography and visual storytelling as conduits for self-expression.

Both students and local organization representatives would reflect in awe on iconic moments that arose throughout the program when participants would process and express an emotion for the first time. This key insight led to a substantial curriculum pivot, guiding students through a structured process for expressing emotions and presenting narratives through the medium of photography. With well over a decade of iterative refinement, the model has sustained its commitment to listening and evolution.

An article in the latest issue of Childhood Education: Innovations magazine highlights this initiative. Read more below.

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