Supporting Children Affected by Crime

News from Uganda

Childhood Education International country liaison for Uganda, Francis Ssuubi, founder of Wells of Hope, provides a summary of the organization’s achievements in 2016. Wells of Hope, a Christian non-profit organization located in Kampala, Uganda, helps children and youth affected by crime.

In 2016, Wells of Hope provided education and welfare services to 123 children of imprisoned parents. Children received food, medical care, and educational materials. With the help of Wells of Hope, children could visit their parents in prison three times during the year; some were able to visit their parents in prison for the first time.

Through the organization, the children received 50 new desks and 100 mosquito nets. At the Wells of Hope Junior School, girls were taught about menstruation and how to maintain proper hygiene. They were also provided sanitary pads throughout the year.

This year, the organization had 19 Wells of Hope candidates: 12 candidates took the Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) and will graduate to secondary level, while seven candidates took the Uganda Certificate Examinations (UCE) and will join the advanced level of secondary education. A camp was held for 56 Wells of Hope teenagers ages 12 years and up. The camp was educational and interactive; the teens were encouraged to lead by example in everything they do.

Wells of Hope conducted 3 Family Visits in East and Central Uganda, visiting 48 families in remote Ugandan villages to encourage children to join Wells of Hope Junior School next year.

Three imprisoned mothers enrolled for a tailoring program in 2015 graduated to level 2 in July this year. The mothers were extremely happy and grateful that their determination and commitment was rewarded. Each 2016 graduate received a sewing machine.

Wells of Hope launched operations in neighboring countries Kenya and Tanzania, where the organization will provide children with educational materials and mentoring programs.

Every year, Wells of Hope hosts the annual Children’s Christmas party for children with parents in prison. This year, it was held on 26 November at Wells of Hope Junior School. This year’s party was very colorful; the children danced andplayed games. They jumped in an inflatable bouncing castle, which many of them had only seen in pictures and books. They enjoyed this entertainment immensely, as could be seen by the glee on their faces;they considered it the best party of the year. They also jumpedrope, played tug of war, and swam in a children’s shallow pool.

In April, 20 children participated in athletics at the sub-county level and Wells of Hope emerged third out of 10 schools. In August, the Wells of Hope school participated in sub-cluster football competitions and emerged 2nd out of 28 schools; 4 of the children were selected to compete at district level.

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