New subscription options and bonus benefits for Global Friends

Publishing partner Taylor & Francis offers extensive access opportunities to new and existing subscribers

Combining key components from two other subscription types, CE International has launched the new Green & Gold subscription option! This unique subscription combines the online-only format of the Green subscription with the multi-user access of the Gold subscription.

All subscription types offer UNLIMITED access to our two flagship publications, Childhood Educations: Innovations (6/year) and the Journal of Research in Childhood Education (4/year). You can take advantage of the unlimited access through the Taylor & Francis Online database, which includes ALL editions of each publications, dating back to 1924!

Why should I get a Green & Gold subscription?
The COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges for the education sector that have highlighted the need for widespread innovative thinking while working from home or in a hybrid format. With the Green & Gold subscription, subscribers can give access to FOUR other colleagues, students, collaborators, or friends so that you can read the innovative education trends and reflect on the articles as a group. The “Green” aspect addresses the challenge of working in inconsistent locations, eschewing the physical copy of publications for subscriber groups who may be working remotely or do not have equal access to a physical copy.

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What other benefits are there to getting a Green & Gold subscription?
Our publishing partner Taylor & Francis has added to the exciting creation of the Green & Gold Membership by offering the following options across ALL subscription types:

How does the Green & Gold subscription compare to other subscription types?
Please refer to the subscription table below to compare the new Green & Gold subscription to existing types:

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