Justice and Equality for All: A Statement From Diane Whitehead

Last week in America and across the world, we watched in horror as a man’s life was extinguished in an incident with police in Minneapolis, Minnesota. George Floyd has become the latest in a long list of African Americans who have received extremely disproportionate treatment, even to the extent of being killed, based on the color of their skin.

As protests continue to surge in the United States and around the world, and are increasing in intensity, many individuals and organizations have shared their interpretations of what these protests mean and why they are occurring. There should be no confusion or doubt that this symphony of so many voices in clear frustration is rooted in centuries of injustice, pain, and fear. Therefore, we must all step forward and stand up for equality, for justice, against racism, and in support of human rights for all people.

The heart of our mission at CE International is to promote access to education for all, but education cannot be successfully delivered under certain conditions. We strongly believe that education is deeply intertwined with issues such as equality, justice, and human rights. If these crucial values are not promoted throughout all aspects of society, some children will never have an equal opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute to a just and equal society, and that is unacceptable.

CE International hears the pain of all those who suffer from racism, discrimination, and prejudice; we share your grief. We believe that eliminating racism must be a priority in order to provide a better world for all.

It takes courage to envision a future different from the world around us, but that is what we are asking you to do; we are asking you to be courageous and seek justice. If you care about our future and upholding human dignity, you will step forward and stand up for George Floyd and so many other people around the world who suffer from racism and injustice daily.

Most importantly, know that we stand with you and firmly beside all those who fight for justice in this world.

—Diane Whitehead, CE International CEO