CE International to Present on Professional Development in Displacement Settings

A graphic showing an image of the world and shadows of people walking

There is a need for more trained teachers worldwide, and this need is particularly high in displacement, refugee, and crisis contexts, where professional development opportunities are often lacking.

CE International’s Center for Professional Learning (CPL) has been working with educators in Lebanon, Kenya, and Chad to co-create open educational resources to help fill this gap.

Julie Kasper, CPL’s Director of Teacher Learning and Leadership, will present findings from the Quality Holistic Learning Project at TESOL 2023: International Convention and English Language Expo.

During the session, materials from the project’s Open Educational Resource Library, including professional learning courses, workshops, handbooks, micro-credentials, and facilitation guides for teachers, will be presented.

The session will invite attendees to consider ways they can make use of the resources and how they might adapt project processes to their local contexts to support co-development of professional learning opportunities that center translanguaging and transworlding.

The session will be at 9am on Friday, March 24.

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