CE International’s Universal Beliefs About Education

  1. Education is a human right.
  2. Education and development of a child is a continuum of experiences from birth onward.
  3. All children can learn; therefore, inclusion of all children and consideration of their unique needs are essential in all learning environments.
  4. The foundations of early learning create the foundations for lifelong learning. The process of learning is enlightening and empowering.
  5. A child’s education can reach its full potential only in settings that promote inclusivity, equality, and justice while openly rejecting any form of racial bias.
  6. Education, when appropriately designed and delivered, is transformational and can create better lives for learners, their families, their communities, and ultimately nations.
  7. Education has a direct and lasting impact upon workforce opportunities and civic participation.
  8. Appropriately designed education settings are inspirational places of learning that promote hope and promise for the future.
  9. Innovation in education advances new approaches to teaching and learning, which prepares children for the world of tomorrow.
  10. The education profession shares a global responsibility to the advancement of humankind and should, therefore, embrace interconnectedness and relationship building between people, schools, communities, and across nations.