World Refugee Day: Supporting Refugees Through Education

Today we come together to commemorate World Refugee Day, a day designated by the United Nations to celebrate the strength and courage of refugees and other forcibly displaced people.

At Childhood Education International, we believe that everyone has a right to quality, safe, and relevant educational opportunities. Through our refugee and (im)migrant education initiatives, we’re providing support and resources to ensure that refugees and (im)migrants have access to the education they deserve.

Unprecedented Levels of Displacement

The UNHCR estimates that at the end of 2023, 117.3 million people worldwide had been displaced from their homes due to conflict, persecution, or the effects of natural or human-made disasters. This includes about 47 million children under the age of 18.

There is an urgent need to create safe and nurturing environments to support the many people who have had to flee their homes, especially children and youth. Nearly half of all school-age refugee children are not in school, and most young children lack access to early childhood care and education.

There is often a lack of school buildings, qualified teachers, and learning materials. Refugee children and youth may also face challenges such as language barriers, separation from family support systems, gaps in education, and discrimination.

Education is Critical

Education is a critical component in supporting refugees’ development of the skills and knowledge they desire, and it can provide a sense of routine, continuity, community, and care for children and youth who have experienced trauma and displacement. Quality education can be a lifeline of hope and a pathway to new opportunities.

Through our projects and initiatives, we strive to foster educational opportunities that meet the needs and interests of refugee students. We do this by supporting the educators who work with refugees and other displaced students worldwide.

Together, we co-create communities of practice and professional development resources that are contextualized and relevant to the educators who use them. We believe that qualified, well-resourced, and supported educators can make a positive difference in the lives of refugee children and youth.


We offer a variety of resources that can support educators working in displacement contexts:

Refugee and (Im)migrant Education Initiatives

We are working to ensure that all displaced, refugee, and (im)migrant population have access to quality, holistic education for that builds on their strengths, supports their needs, and offers opportunities to build bright futures.

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