Innovative Leadership

How do you envision education evolving? Have you shared your vision with others?

CE International believes that finding solutions to the most significant problems and challenges in the education sector requires bold and creative thinking.

Approaching ongoing issues of access, quality, and equity through a truly innovative lens is the only way that these challenges can be addressed, and education leaders must be the driving force. We need leaders who are capable of being innovative in their own practice of leadership and who can inspire creativity, ingenuity, and entrepreneurship in others.

Leaders from across the global education sector will find opportunities for professional growth in innovative leadership through our courses and trainings.


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Education Diplomacy: Education Diplomacy is our own unique and innovative approach to leadership that teaches education leaders how to use the skills of diplomacy to advance education globally. We offer training in areas of diplomacy including the foundations of diplomacy, negotiation, consensus building and conflict resolution. Learn More.

Innovation Self-Assessment for School & Education Organization Leaders

To pursue innovative leadership in your everyday role, it is important to examine the culture and environment of the school or education-focused organization that you lead. Our 20-question self-assessment can help identify where you excel in innovative leadership, and pinpoint what you can do to better support innovation in your school or organization.

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Resources for Innovative Leaders

CE International is at the forefront of advancing the ideas behind innovative leadership and works diligently to provide opportunities for leaders to stimulate their creativity. We also develop and identify helpful resources that are critical to a burgeoning pool of education pioneers and innovative thinkers.

Here are a few other resources suggested by CE International to help you to continue your journey in this area: