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New Release: The Power of Play for Addressing Trauma in the Early Years

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Caregivers, teachers, providers, and leaders around the world are experiencing the impact of trauma on their communities and children. Traumatic events have a lasting impact on a child’s ability to grow, learn, and develop. Thus, children affected by trauma are being denied their basic human rights.

Trauma, whether from a natural disaster, school or community violence, civil unrest, or other circumstances, impacts so many of our children, and the adults in their lives may be struggling to find the best solutions to support them.

Childhood Education International offers unique and multifaceted services to support educators and caregivers:

Onsite or virtual training covering a range of topics, such as types of trauma, the impact of trauma and stress on children’s development, trauma-informed practices that support children’s healing and resiliency, and self-care for the education and child care workforce.
Onsite or virtual coaching to support every level of trauma-informed practice intervention, including family, classroom, school, clinic, or leadership. Our recipients receive support in creating trauma healing systems and implementing trauma-informed practices.
Parent/Caregiver Support
In-person or virtual training and coaching to parents and caregivers. These activities can be done individually or in small groups, in person or over Skype/Whatsapp.

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Supporting Leadership for Trauma-Informed/Trauma-Sensitive Programs

CE International promotes a range of trauma-informed practices that center on relationship-building in the workplace, with an emphasis on reflection and inquiry, parallel process, and reflective supervision grounded in relationship-based practice.

Leaders, supervisors, and/or administrators of an organization will team together to conduct a self-assessment of their organization that will help them create a strategic plan for building a trauma-sensitive and responsive organization.

Introduction to Trauma-Informed Practices

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