About the Center for Education Diplomacy and Leadership

The Center for Education Diplomacy and Leadership – a leadership program of Childhood Education International – is the first and only initiative to develop the Education Diplomacy concept and provide courses on Education Diplomacy skills. We began developing the Education Diplomacy concept in 2009 because it believes that education is the key to social, economic, and human progress, and the skills of diplomacy are necessary to advance education through greater cooperation across diverse actors, sectors, and borders.

The Center:

  • Leads the development of the Education Diplomacy concept
  • Provides Education Diplomacy courses, trainings, and events
  • Shares and develops Education Diplomacy resources
  • Creates a community of Education Diplomats
  • Promotes participation and cooperation to achieve SDG4 education targets.


A Missing Piece in Education Leadership

Education Diplomacy fills a skills gap that exists between education advocacy and education leadership.  Although skills such as communication and organization management are important, skills in diplomacy are needed to solve increasingly complex problems of the 21st century.  The Center believes the skills that create mutual understanding, negotiate agreement, and shape consensus will transform educators’ ability to solve education challenges and lead the advancement of quality education for all.