Consultant Directory Application

Thank you for your interest in applying to be a part of CE International’s Consultant Directory. When you join this Directory, you are showing your concern for access, equity, and quality in children’s education around the world. This Directory provides CE International with the ability to locate technical experts and consultants in various specialized areas of education and in varying geographic locations.

Important Information:

  1. The directory is for CE International’s internal use only and is not externally published.
  2. Once your application has been received by CE International, it will be reviewed and must be approved before entry into the Directory. CE International will notify you of the status of your application via email.
  3. Your entry into the Directory does not guarantee that you will be selected for future work with CE International; however, it does enable us to locate you easily as opportunities become available.
  4. There are four sections to this application. Please complete all sections and then submit your application.

Please contact if you need assistance with this Directory.

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